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New Book - Looking for Proof Readers

Wow! It's been over 3 months since my last blog post. I could blame my silence on Christmas chaos, a long and nasty bout of the flu and too little time, all of which are true, but to be perfectly honest, I've mostly been enjoying life without thinking about cancer too much.

I've been lucky enough to have had a run of improving scan results which has given me more mental space to focus on what I want for my life. One of the things has been high on the list of things I want to focus on is completing my book and I'm pleased to say that I've now completed my first draft - it's only taken me 3 years!

The book has a working title of 'Creating a New Life Story with Advanced Cancer'. Yes, I know - it's not exactly catchy.

My book isn’t a story of a miracle cure. It's a collection personal of anecdotes, coping strategies and practical advice that I hope will help anyone who is plunged into the despair of an incurable cancer diagnosis. It’s a collection of things I’ve learned from research and personal experience that have helped lift me from the desperation of the early days into a place where I can enjoy living in again. It’s about relationships, family, diet, exercise and mental health - all the things that need to be slowly and meticulously rebuilt on the road to survival. It’s about letting go of past expectations, living in the now and having the strength to be happy and create a new life story.

I'm hoping to finish the first edit within the next month and would be delighted if I'm looking for 5-10 lovely people to read this draft copy and provide me with valuable feedback and insights before I send it to the publisher. Everyone's journey is different and I want to ensure that I have captured all the important elements of the journey from various perspectives. I'm primarily looking for people who are living with cancer, but I would also like to get feedback from two or three people who are supporting someone with cancer.

So, if you think you would like to help, please drop me an email on catherine@catherinesteele.com or reach out to me on Facebook at CatherineSteeleLifeBeatsCancer

Oh, and I'm getting back to blogging, starting with the emotive subject of diet and nutrition which will be available later this week.

Wishing everyone good health, happiness and peace.



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