Holistic health methodology

Learning to live with cancer is so much more than turning up for treatment and scans.  The medical profession often refer to 'quality of life' but seem to miss the point by focussing exclusively on controlling the progression of the disease. 


Building a life of quality following an incurable cancer diagnosis requires an holistic approach that combines modern Western medicine with an approach more akin to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) where the mind and body are seen as a whole and where creating and restoring balance is key.


I believe that there are five interconnected factors that are essential for anyone who is living in the shadow of cancer.  These are:

Person   Love    Activity    Nutrition    Treatment


Learning to prioritise and balance all these factors will help you withstand the rigours of conventional cancer treatment while maintaining an inner balance and a sense of purpose and identity.


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Learning to enjoy and see the beauty in life is difficult when confronted with the shock of a cancer diagnosis.  It will continue to be challenging as you experience 'scanxiety', treatment side effects and progression of your cancer.


Learn techniques and practices to help you keep focussed on the 'Now' and truly live your life.

Cancer can put a huge strain on your relationships.  If you have a partner, your physical and emotional bond may be put under pressure.  If you have children their wellbeing and happiness is threatened by being part of a family affected by cancer.  You also risk losing connections with friends as your life changes forever.

In this section we discuss ways to deal with these challenges so that you and those your love can support each other.

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Here you will find advice and support from fitness experts that is specifically tailored for people living with cancer so that you can improve your fitness and build up resilience against the rigours of treatment. 


You will also learn how exercise can change your 'state' and literally turn a bad day into a good day.

How much broccoli should I eat? Should I cut out dairy?  What supplements (if any) should I take?  There is a huge amount of advice on the Internet but much of it is conflicting.  We examine the evidence to help you decide what diet choices to make.

We also offer advice on how to find a nutritionist.

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Treatment for Stage IV cancer is far less predictable than the treatments given for early stage cancers and is likely to continue for the rest of your life.  There are many choices to be made about treatment options, none of which carry any certainty or guarantee of success.

This section is full of recommendations to help you stay in control of your treatment and help you make the right choices.