You're not alone

The moment you were given the news that you had incurable cancer will be engrained in your memory forever.  It was the moment all the joy and colour in life was extinguished.  It was the moment you were catapulted from a comfortable and familiar place to a terrifying and lonely world from which there seemed no escape.


The trauma of these early days and weeks is overwhelming.  You have received the most devastating diagnosis and you are in shock.  Your brain frantically searches for a solution that will rescue you from the nightmare you stepped into, but every thought led to a dead end - literally.  It was terrifying.


The world keeps turning but it is as if you have now become a spectator who is just about going through the motions like a zombie living a parallel life.



If this is you right now, then I'm so glad that you found this site.  I started it for you and thousands of others that have come before and will come after you.  People who are cruelly forced to face the most enormous challenges that an incurable cancer diagnosis entails.  Life will never be the same, but there is a way out of the darkness that you are experiencing right now.


I've identified 5 factors that have been critical in rebuilding my life over the last 2 years - Person, Love, Activity, Nutrition and Treatment (or PLANT for short).  This site contains tips, advice and discussion about each of these factors tailored specifically for people with incurable cancer.  My hope is that these resources and the nurturing community of experts will support you as you start to rebuild your life.


A holistic approach to mental and physical health with cancer